What is RBIEX?

RBIEX is a neutral Internet Exchange. an Internet Exchange is a point where ISPs and content providers meet to exchange traffic. Internet Exchanges improve connectivity and ultimately allow the average user better and quicker access to connected servers and sites.

How Does it Work?

Based on principles of

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openness, equity and fairness, RBIEX is based on the Multi-Lateral Peering model. This means once connected to RBIEX you'll automatically be interconnected with all of our members. Basically this means that your network will be instantly and directly connected to any other member network. This can allow you to gain better connectivity and save on transit bills every month!


Before you can join RBIEX, or any other Internet Exchange, you will need to have the following; a router capable of BGP4, an Autonomous System (and Number), Independent IP Address Space and a connection to the RBIEX core.

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